Can Plana Manor House general information

In Can Plana, you will be able to enjoy the nature and feel comfortably installed, enjoying the same comfort than in a city home.

The main stay is the wide and fresh balcony, used in the past to store foods, and now decorated like a comfortable hall to be a spectacular showcase opened to the nature.

From this balcony, accesses are distributed to:
The dining room with fireplace and spectacular views to all the valley of the Llémena river, from where we can also visualize the top of the Montseny mountains.
The kitchen, fully equipped with refrigerator/freezer, dishwashing machine and microwaves, and complete sets of all service.

A room oriented to the South and with wide window has double bed and a adjacent dresser.
Another room with two beds has TV.
One third room is decorated on youthful form type mountain refuge and can lodge in two levels six people.

There are two baths, one with shower and another one with bathtub.
As complement to these stays, and in front of the traditional   Catalan threshing-floor area, a 250 sqm patio that presides the entrance of the house, there is a great old barn with 120 sqm available that becomes the children’s playing favourite place.

The barn ground floor has a table made with a part of and old  carriage with seating space for twelve people, and complementarily there is a refrigerator, microwaves and equipment of kitchen, to enjoy outdoor dinning.

The barn first floor is the games zone presided by a billiard table and other play games.
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